Whole Home Surge Protection

How many of us would like to make our homes and businesses more green and save money doing it?

With the constant increase in electrical usage the quality of our electricity coming into our homes and businesses has continued to go down. Red’s Electric Company has the answer – PowerwoRx e3. It provides a Whole House Energy Management System for the best possible energy savings and Total Home Protection based upon a unique technology that provides three key benefits:

  • Equipment Protection
  • Electrical Noise Filtration
  • Energy Savings


$795.00 includes unit, permit and installation (single panel residential home).

Equipment Protection

PowerwoRx e3 is like having an ELECTRONIC BODYGUARD for your home or business! PowerwoRx technology provides Surge and Spike Suppression, a feature that will help protect and extend the useful life of your electrical equipment. Voltage surges and spikes come from many different internal and external sources such utility grid changes, damaged transformers or electrical lines due to accidents or acts of God, old or out dated utility transformers that supply electrical power to your home, lightning and turning on and off major motor loads in your home. Typical homes in the United States are bombarded with literally hundreds of surges and spikes a day that damage sensitive electrical equipment over time. These surges and spikes will damage your expensive electronics and will cause them to wear out at a faster pace. A combination of the PowerwoRx e3 harmonic resistant capacitors and metal oxide varistors (MOV’s) give the home owner the maximum protection available on the market today. The external lights on the PowerwoRx e3 system provide an easy visual indicator that the system is protecting your home.

Electrical Noise Filtration

PowerwoRx e3 technology provides Harmonic Filtration which has become more important since the 1980’s and almost mandatory going into the 21st Century due to the proliferation of computers, fax and copy machines and variable frequency drives which are known as “nonlinear loads”. “Nonlinear loads ask for and use electric current in “pulses” unlike traditional electrical equipment. This pulse use of electrical current creates damaging noise, interference and heat on today’s electrical systems causing interference within sensitive electrical equipment or worse causing them to overheat and fail. The use of computerized electronics within the American home has been growing at exponential rates and the need for filtering out the interference, noise and heat created by nonlinear loads has never been greater. Installing the PowerwoRx e3 system in your home will reduce the need to produce electrical energy reducing the amount of coal and oil being burned to generate the electric energy resulting i the reduction of environmentally harmful emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide. It is Red’s Electric Company’s mission to install PowerwoRx e3 systems in 500,000 homes across the Portland/Vancouver area which will annually reduce the need to generate 17 megawatts of electricity saving 42,250 tons of coal or 231,500 barrels of oil and reducing by 98,250 tons of carbon dioxide, 42,000 pounds of nitrous oxide and 221,500 pounds of sulfur dioxide of annual greenhouse emissions.

Energy Savings

PowerwoRx e3 provides energy savings by reducing the amount of power drawn from your utility with the use of specially designed harmonic resistant capacitors. On average a homeowner will save 8% – 15% off their monthly bill. PowerwoRx e3 systems optimize your homes power factor thus reducing the amount of energy your homes motor loads use such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, furnace blower motors, fans etc. Motor loads (inductive loads) inherently require more energy to do their work compared to other electrical equipment in your home. The PowerwoRx e3’s“power factor optimization” significantly increases the efficiency of your motor load and stores waste energy resulting in decreased demand and usage of electricity from your utility company. This can equate to cost savings for you the home owner. Power factor is the measurement of how efficient your electrical system is using the energy delivered to your home from your utility company. For example, your stove and dryer heating coils and incandescent light bulbs have a “power factor rating” of unity or 1. This equipment converts electric energy to heat and light. Motor loads as described above can have “power factor ratings” as low as 0.2. This combination of electric loads in American homes results in an average “power factor rating” of .77 or less. The .77 indicates that your home is using more energy than it should to operate your electrical equipment. The PowerwoRx e3 technology has a proven track record of increasing a home’s “power factor rating” to .98 or better. So what does this mean as far as real savings? The answer is “it depends”. Actual results will vary depending on inductive loads. The value of PowerwoRx e3 is all three features: Equipment Protection, Electrical Noise Filtration, and Energy Savings.

Brian D. Ruffner

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Red’s Electric Company, Inc

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